Friday, July 2, 2010

hello again

So, of course NYC was amazing; and I loved reading some poems at Perch in Brooklyn. Thanks Perch. So many amazing folks in NYC, for the first time I really wanted to live there. I don't know why it took so long to stir that desire. The art is everyone and the artists enter every conversation, and I feel at home. Oh well, back to be the stranger in a strange Denver land. A very productive summer so far. Two marriages-- two beautiful brides named Jenny. And lots of art- I'll post my new painting. I am completely expanding my range of colors; had avoided pink so long and am now just thinking it is beautiful. What is it about time, experiences, whatever, that changes ones tastes so completely. How do any marriages last? I was also thinking about that educational concept -readiness-; that is so profoundly powerful. preparing the foundations for "readiness" because when one is ready-- one is a sponge for what one was readied for. I am a sponge for art now.-wish I had been when I was younger, I was told by many succesful NY artists that connections are everything, as is being "young and hip" I do have the hips! Next week on to Mexico. ahhhh I can smell the relaxtion rolling onto the sand already.