Friday, December 12, 2014

holiday party in Neverland always amazing! thanks-

dSantana said, "You need to be able to see the invisible to create something great."  Maybe that means it is okay to be a little bit nuts.

the dazzling environment creates joy...

the sound of joy----

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


I was writing about profound disillusionment being the status-quo of life-
I have begun a series of paintings that explore the differences between the way one sees oneself and the way others see them-
I did a painting years ago on that subject and never posted it- I'll try to upload one.

Monday, December 1, 2014

November and the new website!

I now can create my own updates for the website- so I will be having online-only specials and sales.  Please sign up to follow this website to be included in special offers.

New at the gallery- Sadly, the fall fell without much fanfare. I blame the flood- that took me away from home for five months--but hopefully winter will bring the new energy required to get the gallery up and running smoothly. ahhh- the best layed plans of mice and this woman oft go awry.

 I am now committed to weekly blog updates and paintings.  This Wednesday will be the  last day to view the show up at Creek Side Sellers in Evergreen.  With the holiday, the month went by quickly- but I hope some of you will read this and get inspired to have a glass of Colorado's best wine and enjoy the show.  There are 14 paintings in this show (still 13 available)- each a wonderful xmas gift - so check it out ASAP. I do appreciate those who took the trouble to make the drive to Evergreen, and the great feedback.

We will be open this First Friday and have hired a new salesperson- for the Inca Street gallery.  So come and welcome Joe.