Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I have spent almost two months working on this painting that was originally for commission for someone who had seen one similar at a friends house, but I ran with the idea, thickening the paints sculptural and adding colors all the while to whatever new shadows emerged from the density...not the style for the person who commissioned it, but i can't really stop til I feel it is done. (ironic after a period)   going to have to shoot some progress shots and put em up here...

Let's have a discussion about what is
a compulsion to make expressions...

There is a book I read a while ago whose main character reminds exactly of my friend Brian Wall, who played blindfold chess at the Chess show these last two months at the gallery.  I really liked the show - Brian was Brilliant the ARt was really interesting and different --just wish it had made a profit instead of a loss, but that is like the art of chess itself, so many brilliant folks devoting so many hours to an art, without any pay.  I would name the book but I am afraid someone would not see it the same way and their feelings would get hurt..so Why did i Bring it up.?
in less than two weeks we will be back at the beach-- what happened?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

hello again

November. these months are flying by; the politics are painful; people i love are in jail and hospitals with no justice or health in sight; work is consuming me and i need to force myself to create. But when I do, it saves me.
This First Friday is the annual chess in art show. Some amazing pieces are in this show, if you are reading this come on down. Brian Wall will do a blindfold simul. and in this world in this time ART is almost a salvation. a little vacation anyway.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

upcoming events

Ok- I'll take care of business. Coming soon at Glovinsky Gallery are some great poetry readings and the annual chess show! Artists, make something for the chess show. I am waiting for Paula to set up the submission page but she should be home by Aug 7th--Start making chess themed art. This will be an unusual show and if you are reading this, you should be in it! Aug, 6th and 20th, poetry with wonderful poets; both nights start at 7pm and will include an open mic, and a bit of wine. There will also be another great reading in October. So check back. I hope you come and support the passionate poets. I think the website will have more info soon. But put it on your calenders.

Friday, July 15, 2011

mid July

Mid July used to mean, we had half of a slow summer to go; now I am already working on student schedules:(sad face)- Still there will be time to linger!

The third Friday scene on Inca, is too slow, I closed at 7 without guests. We will have to have our own celebration; look forward to an Inca Days!
One street off Santa Fe, there is art with heart. There are now three or four very interesting galleries, not the same old thing. I still don't know why it is so difficult for people to wander one block from the crowd and discover new artists.

I intended to blog about Europe and begin with this list of countries I got to see: Turkey, Israel, Greece, Italy-Vatican, and cities and islands within; Athens, Capri, Crete, Naples, Rome, Ashod, Haifa, Jerusalem, Kusadasi-I got to spend a day in each city, well four extra days in Rome. A day was not enough but each day was truly amazing. All sea towns, except for Jerusalem, but that is only a bus ride from the sea at Ashod. All have moon light on the harbor scenes; fish and fishermen. Some surprises for me; the emotion at the Wall (I started weeping with my first note and loss fell upon loss- a torrent and then catharsis (prayer)! The lushness of Kusadasi also surprised me, the cave of the two-hundred year sleeps, the three thousand year old ruins. I loved the women weaving silken rugs with scenes and patterns of detailed imagery. I loved most the green and white grottos in Capri and the small boat we rented to see them. There are water colors there that exist no where else. So many myths- ancient and new.
Where-ever I go I look for art; this trip was full of the classics, the real deal, old masters and new masters too. There is no doubt Michelangelo was the authentic genius of mankind, in every sense of the word. How many of those sorts has the world known..we can count them on one hand. All the rest are lesser artists- Davinci, Picasso, Rembrandt, I'd venture a Pollock or Rothko but it is the whole school I admire and those in the other fields like Newton. Einstein, Mozart, the contribution comparisons are well beyond my comprehension. I would have so loved to have had Michelangelo to the house for dinner! I'd make some of that homemade pasta I had at Ivo- with the garlic oil sauce and one huge shrimp. Ivo is near the monastery hotel- outside of Rome, in the Travestere area. I can't begin to process this trip; this adventure at such a tumultuous time, in the world and in my life. There is a lesson in perspective here for all I could not understand, for all that remains and in what form; the process that changes us into history.
Because someone in my family has died, because I will promise to live my life better to honor her and because "better" must be clearly defined if it is to matter. Comments?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

summer 2011

the volcano
the three thousand year old buildings
death of loved ones
egotistical dead ends
the smell of an orange skin breaking away from the fruit
spinning wheels
the Western Wall -- putting in eight notes
crying- that is the essence of prayer
boating through the grottos in Capri
pasta in Rome, near St. Francis of Assissi's place
the SISTiNE CHAPEL, boating in my brothers
salt pond- that profound reflection.

moon light.

Monday, June 13, 2011

going on a journey

Wed. 5. a.m. I go to Rome. I never thought I'd be taking this trip for all kinds of reasons. But I am going to embrace the concept of a couple of weeks at sea and Israel, Turkey, Italy, Greece... who could resist. I dream of returning inspired and mind full, leaving pains in the wake. The pattern complexity of simultaneous events, everything happening right now all over this planet at the exact same time is just overwhelming me at the moment.
Back on that other train of thought.... (remind me to paint trains of thoughts later)-- it looks like a mode of transport series. Train wrecks..the possibilities of mining this idea seem grand.
I'll post some pics.
Lately, I've been thinking about spinning my wheels and have started a series of paintings with those words and bikes.... mostly abstract, for a special show I am planning a year or so from now in Durango. Mark your calenders.
Those images will take some time to paint--so no pics for awhile, unless of course I get distracted from this theme by another. Time time time is not on my side, or oh look what's become of me... got to pack. It is not easy being ADD, or ADOS as I heard someone say, I have attention deficit oh shiny. Right now there is thunder, rain and a sunset---outside my 10th floor Denver window. Can you see this?

Friday, June 10, 2011

restaurant reviews!

So, I started at the new 4 season's bar and was very disappointed. We waited over 20 minutes for service and finally left. We sat at the outside tables (chosen because of the loud DJ music inside) and despite other customers eating outside no one came to see any of us in over 20 minutes! . 4 Season's is famous for amazing customer service all over the world- What's up Denver?
* :( don't go til they work out the kinks!- high price/ low service is a lousy combination)--

We walked away sad and hungry-- walked all the way to Bistro Vendome in Larimer Square where we were immediately seated in the charming outdoor patio. The food at the Vendome is really great, (I think better (lighter too) than Le Central) and the wine list offers some wonderful reds.(great Bordeaux's though I think the pour is slim for the price).
I give the Bistro 3 and 1/2 *'s one for atmosphere-(outdoor old brick charm in the courtyard off of Larimer is very nice on a summer night, 1/2 for service- (our waiter was attentive but took long breaks between visits- not bad when you want to talk but a little annoying when you want to leave), two (that's the max!) for food- both pretty on the plate and delicious!
If you happen to be at the 4 seasons walk a few blocks north to Larimer and try one of Vendome's famous crepes with a terrific salad.--by the way the Mud Show opens at the art museum this Saturday!

Monday, June 6, 2011


Run don't walk to Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris-- Maybe because i've always felt misplaced in time...I know I don't belong here and this movie resonated for me. I share the psychological disorder of thinking if only I lived in a different time.
The 20's in Paris would have been a great time for me in my fantasy life of hanging out- with Picasso, Stein, Hemingway, Porter, etc etc..... I loved this movie. Every time another hero showed up--- rather than disbelieve I was elated. My mantra has also been Proofrock! I don't know if Woody is capturing my whole generation or just me. Feedback Please!
My first 5 stars of the summer. Allen's still clever as hell, though I did find myself wanting a scene in NYC even more glistening than Paris, just my competitive American spirit. Two French themes in a row-- I am craving Le Central... (If I go I'll write a review).

Monday, March 7, 2011

the reading

words fell all over the walls, bounced off the floor.
lists sometime some times:
1. If Jenny had been born in Nepal she would have been a Shaman;
0. the image of the child slithering through the maze of the mandala
2. there is this need to express- i don't know its origins
3 the poets paint air- mirage-

all over the world--- that is a good idea, this word sphere rotating like a planet
radiating sentences, and a bunch of uhha, ahah, ahahas...

Saturday, February 19, 2011


YUYU is returning to Denver and he will be reading his new work at the gallery on March 6th. I loved his last reading so-- my expectations are high! I will be in a couple of art shows coming up. In May, I will have the annual birthday show, first Friday and this year there will be a surprise.
I will also be the featured artist in the April (5th) Crossroads artist series. I think that will involve poetry and art, and a live painting by Don Callarman. I am thinking this too shall be great fun. And two other events-- a little show in my favorite coffee house, Metropolis- also for the month of May. And finally a poetry/art group show at MacSpa. Details to follow, but I thought I'd write all this down before I forget.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I was thinking about the millions and millions jasper johns could get for a painting, such a strange thing, there seems to be that "art" value and no middle ground,painters raking in
more than basketball stars, i like the concept of that and think it interesting that popes and millionaires collect the art, and the masses collect the sports games. I guess paintings can get big, but only scale counts. Got some new sculptures coming up perhaps i'll take pics tonight, check out the wood bases, amazing grains. the language of necessity. Check out the working poets reading at the gallery Saturday the 19th around 7 pm. Who reads this? Rauchenberg said "you have to have time to feel sorry for yourself if you are going to be a good abstractionist."

Saturday, February 5, 2011

and these are the photos of the evenings work and a recent piece back from the foundry


in my second blog i was reading Newman- Aesthetics is for the artist as ornithology is for the birds-
only i think i misquoted and said criticism, anyway-- i think tonight i shall attempt a thoughtless painting . pure emotion-- or rather just one square of it within some orderly type set of squares-- one square of pure emotion inside squared walls -- is that the heart? okay off to paint and i will in this blog with and upload of the result.