Saturday, July 23, 2011

upcoming events

Ok- I'll take care of business. Coming soon at Glovinsky Gallery are some great poetry readings and the annual chess show! Artists, make something for the chess show. I am waiting for Paula to set up the submission page but she should be home by Aug 7th--Start making chess themed art. This will be an unusual show and if you are reading this, you should be in it! Aug, 6th and 20th, poetry with wonderful poets; both nights start at 7pm and will include an open mic, and a bit of wine. There will also be another great reading in October. So check back. I hope you come and support the passionate poets. I think the website will have more info soon. But put it on your calenders.

Friday, July 15, 2011

mid July

Mid July used to mean, we had half of a slow summer to go; now I am already working on student schedules:(sad face)- Still there will be time to linger!

The third Friday scene on Inca, is too slow, I closed at 7 without guests. We will have to have our own celebration; look forward to an Inca Days!
One street off Santa Fe, there is art with heart. There are now three or four very interesting galleries, not the same old thing. I still don't know why it is so difficult for people to wander one block from the crowd and discover new artists.

I intended to blog about Europe and begin with this list of countries I got to see: Turkey, Israel, Greece, Italy-Vatican, and cities and islands within; Athens, Capri, Crete, Naples, Rome, Ashod, Haifa, Jerusalem, Kusadasi-I got to spend a day in each city, well four extra days in Rome. A day was not enough but each day was truly amazing. All sea towns, except for Jerusalem, but that is only a bus ride from the sea at Ashod. All have moon light on the harbor scenes; fish and fishermen. Some surprises for me; the emotion at the Wall (I started weeping with my first note and loss fell upon loss- a torrent and then catharsis (prayer)! The lushness of Kusadasi also surprised me, the cave of the two-hundred year sleeps, the three thousand year old ruins. I loved the women weaving silken rugs with scenes and patterns of detailed imagery. I loved most the green and white grottos in Capri and the small boat we rented to see them. There are water colors there that exist no where else. So many myths- ancient and new.
Where-ever I go I look for art; this trip was full of the classics, the real deal, old masters and new masters too. There is no doubt Michelangelo was the authentic genius of mankind, in every sense of the word. How many of those sorts has the world known..we can count them on one hand. All the rest are lesser artists- Davinci, Picasso, Rembrandt, I'd venture a Pollock or Rothko but it is the whole school I admire and those in the other fields like Newton. Einstein, Mozart, the contribution comparisons are well beyond my comprehension. I would have so loved to have had Michelangelo to the house for dinner! I'd make some of that homemade pasta I had at Ivo- with the garlic oil sauce and one huge shrimp. Ivo is near the monastery hotel- outside of Rome, in the Travestere area. I can't begin to process this trip; this adventure at such a tumultuous time, in the world and in my life. There is a lesson in perspective here for all I could not understand, for all that remains and in what form; the process that changes us into history.
Because someone in my family has died, because I will promise to live my life better to honor her and because "better" must be clearly defined if it is to matter. Comments?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

summer 2011

the volcano
the three thousand year old buildings
death of loved ones
egotistical dead ends
the smell of an orange skin breaking away from the fruit
spinning wheels
the Western Wall -- putting in eight notes
crying- that is the essence of prayer
boating through the grottos in Capri
pasta in Rome, near St. Francis of Assissi's place
the SISTiNE CHAPEL, boating in my brothers
salt pond- that profound reflection.

moon light.