Tuesday, August 17, 2010

back to school

When there is no time to be idle... those long hours where inspiration is born and grows into art... no time for reflection...

i want to do nothing for long periods of time
absolutely nothing

this over-booked over-lived life is depleting everything meaningful

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Summer flash floods- and then; Do you remember when getting some new clean notebook, those fresh blank pages full of promise, almost made going back to school bearable?

On my mind is that u-tube about the brain scientist with a stroke; the connectivity in the universe about most things is irrefutable though the motivation, causes, the why of it- is completely debatable. One keeps reading about energy existing after the body dies. Such a nice thought. Joy, the essence of joy is really just knowing what really is at any given moment- and then connecting those moments in something other than time. To be redundant; the connectivity in the universe is irrefutable. This is the energy that can not be decomposed. I think what I am trying to say- is - IS.
There was talk in the work place over the nature of language and thought- especially thinking in other languages creating different thought---but when the words are completely turned off in the brain- (during a stroke) etc.. there is enormous peace and that exists in every culture- ubiquitous peace within reach. ok-- I will get more practical.. I will write this short list of fascinating things I learned just today and mostly from friends!
1. To skip stones across the waters scientists researched that a twenty degree angle is best. (Brian Wall)
2.Pablo Casals-- has the best rendition of the Bach Cello suites (this after listening for weeks to YOYO's- no offense Yo Yo Ma--brilliant too but it is true Casals contains so damn much emotion.
3. I learned of another brain researcher who was motivated by a brother with schizophrenia- Jill Taylor and she taught me that the brain really does work in separate hemispheres- I'd been confused reading about all that communication between the hemispheres -it minimalized the differences--but she lost part in a stroke and the insights led to an understanding I am still processing-- something universal about our brain and with optimistic perceptive lenses- something that explains language and infinity. but I need to process that a bit.
4. A simple walk with a good friend can wake you up (Leslie)
ok--- that was the days take-aways-- and I am back to blogging. and here is an image of new sculpture in the works--took the wax parts to the foundry today! notice again the joy on this man's face.