Saturday, October 12, 2013

First an open invite to a great event coming to the gallery on Nov. 1st-- there will be music and birds and wonderful come on down.

2d there will be a poetry reading on Nov. 3rd in the gallery--three featured poets-( Mike Adams was scheduled, but this is becoming a memorial in his honor-- he gave us all so much; I don't know what to say about this... for me it is just sad.there is more info on the event on the website- I know Padma is also having a reading.  We write and read our poems and maybe feel the loss a little less; but I actually feel it more.  Mike was the only poet who ever read in my gallery who passed the hat for expenses...for me the money side of things is sometimes tough-- and the hat, well, the gesture was grand and generous.  And that is the sort of friend we have lost; these days when narcissistic personality disorder was taken from the DSM, (i joke because it is too common though that is not really why)--anyway he was the opposite of that; his poems were about the people who really worked to make America and the working class, about humanity and mattering, and not just going on for the sake of going on but for coming to a purpose-- and his purpose helping others, getting angry at the injustice and the bullshit, but still admiring, appreciating the beauty from the depths of his vision.the beauty in the nature but also in people...going to read his work again.  One thing about writers we can still be with them after they are gone in a way you can not be with those who don't leave us books. what the hell am i saying?
for me, there has been a lot of loss lately.. a lot of fucking loss; so I will go out and admire the leaves--thanks Mike.