Friday, October 16, 2015

pushing my luck

The November show explores luck's power and influence on life.  A couple years ago, I was reading Notebooks- and simple as it is, it took half-a-century to suddenly dawn on me that, that mysterious chain of events that transpired throughout history made this present. And had one thing been different, one miniscule bit of star-dust drifted off and everything would be different to a degree related to the velocity of the change.  I am certain people are thinking i am trite with all this- but it's like unwrapping a gift after the others are already done.

Luck- the lucky duck and the odd ducks are themes of this show- though most in very abstract forms.
I am not being fatalistic here; our ability to be in the present is amazing.  If you read this- come to the NOv. 6 show and check it out.  David will again be playing music too!