Sunday, November 22, 2009

first blog

Welcome to the Glovinsky Gallery Blog-

Congratulations on finding me. Check back often for insights and events!! Hey I think I figured it out. Paula can you believe this?
Updates. The February poetry/music event was wonderful. I was inspired thanks to YUYU, Hildagaard and Jason and Rocky. YUYU has made a wonderful lifestyle traveling the world and sharing his gifts. I don't know how he came to the gallery but I am so glad he did.

In April (I think the 11th) there will be more poets. I think I will read a poem or two myself then. This is a Puddinghouse press event at Glovinsky Gallery. More about that later. A few new thoughts as lately I have been facing a lot of mortality issues. I am trying to forgive that which is just a mere insult to the ego, and fall in love with life. That will be a new painting. Hope to see folks at the gallery on first Friday. There will be chess.