Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November 2013.
The gallery is hopping, thanks to Eva-- She is a great event planner-- if anyone needs an event; the details are wonderful....
If you are reading this for news of the gallery-- there is now free morning Yoga -check the website for hours.  AND the call for artists for the word-show is going out and I am about to gather up some poets! for the events-- maybe all the buzzards for one reading--and maybe some fame for the other--with an open mic too... and music--it is always good to have music-- might even consider a slam--make some art. the half-time counseling job is finally manageable and I am painting a lot--i'll post my new manatee painting, and I am working on a commission-- that should be done soon.

as that great philosopher Cher said, "the beat goes on."