Tuesday, December 11, 2012

DECember-- 12/12/12/ happy birthday MAC

December; constantly astounded by the rate of time.  A new painting on the theme.  Next week, the playa- it is like taking a breath and recognizing you are fully alive- and appreciating that fact; flirting with immortality til it gets boring.  OK I am appreciating friends - especially those who continue to support my art- and of course family who continually make the dream-team.  Holiday gratitude-- or corbieres.  Vino Verite.-- this first pic was 5 months ago; seems like five years. the bird is now, though not good photo.  happy holidays

Friday, November 16, 2012

gift of the crow

now it's birds, maybe freedom, maybe because i read the gifts of the crows and gained an understanding of another realm of depth, and despite that there might be a large war soon, the Arab Spring might try to bring about an Israeli fall; but there is this other sense of time, maybe it is winter when in the now frozen in some speck of time, where only the now matters and there in the birds eye in the calm of the eye of a tornado in the I.  i.  i paint bIrds.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

and something in progress

inspired by a recent visit to Frida's house; I am going to use a real blue house paint chip and make a star later--- putting some real things in paintings gives them at least a little real value!

The final version of the elephant painting; the figure is juggling real coins

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


was amazing pics and words to follow

Jose Marti-  A grain of poetry suffices to season a century.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

this year

This year, there have been more loved ones being born, married and celebrating accomplishments of every dream thread- and during the same time -more loved ones died and still more others began confronting their ends.... i don't know what the hell it means but my paintings are full of elephants as I continue exploring the theme to live above the line:  In paint but in life too-

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rolling all night for hard eights

I quote myself-- almost as inaccurately as I quote others. The elephants-- maybe the whole bit about memory where so much is yet to be discovered.  After Vegas, there is a smoldering kindle comprised  of as frail existence as my father, my friend begins to confront it.  What a lousy deal.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Almost June

My excitement for the summer season is palpable... and I begin to BLOG.  One more day of school, followed by an evening in my favorite vegas hotel...Bellagio: if i were to give travel advice and I might, old women should share the wisdom, I'd write about the Bellaggio.  Anyway as tacky as Vegas is there is always the most amazing thrills at the Bellagio, some world class art show in the gallery, don't know what is there now, but have seen Picasso's ceramics fill the space, the best impressionists and contemporary masterpieces always hanging, the best that money can buy.  Who is that Wynn guy?  I might study him.  Chihuly which I am certain to mispell is the most amazing glass artist on the planet and the place is just full of them, hanging from all those chandaleers and growing in gardens all over the grounds--- and the pool-- if you ever just want to empty your brain it is a lovely hedonistic spot.   But SUMMER also brings the real the thing, the actual reason de etre. .  I am going to Durango to await the arrival of Isadora's baby brother, probably Emmet; but only because my father was frightened of using Monte.    I wish it could be a little Monte; he should wander the earth forever awed.

Been painting elephants lately, forget me, forget me not, forget me.... more pics posting soon.  I keep thinking about the life-span of relationships and life spans in general...There has been so much loss this year, so many lives just cut short - having never really fulfilled their promises. tThe hyacynths never had a chance to bloom-- was it just too much beauty for the world...no reason, no sane reason, more and more one finds oneself in the position of just accepting completely crazy history just to survive.  Just to survive one must suspend all belief in what makes sense and just hang on tight.
Make art, it helps.  I get really jazzed about the art of summer.  The images that i get to absorb.  Going to Frida Kahlo's house in Mexico City, then Cuba.  I'll take notes, not much internet there.  But not before Emmet enters the world.  Won't be long

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


The annual Gala at the Gallery is coming up; that is a large undertaking for a shy person.  May. The urgency of aging, ending another year of life and another school year, my father turns 85. May is the New Year Celebration and reflection and it brought on a new series of paintings exploring the theme - To Live Above the Line-  A few will be at the anniversary show; but long term plan has many more in store - I really like exploring a clear yet powerful idea-- To Live above the line.  Today, for no particular reason I am feeling hopeful.  Symbols.  Kalfka said, "There is an infinite amount of hope, but not for us."

Sunday, March 11, 2012

last summer in Israel
Ani ohevet otach (אני אוהבת אותך)
שלום אני אוהב אתכם
Last week,
I saw two children
rise into the starry night.

They changed the world
but left (blown) out
onto a black glass sky
and it hails
and it hails
and it hails.

I shout,
"Hello, I love you"
into the thunder.

Ani ohevet otach (אני אוהבת אותך)
into the thunder.
שלום אני אוהב אתכם

I write their names onto scraps of paper to bury in The Western Wall

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

the words

So- the words follow this time; I think an afterthought.  It was something about authenticity that Jarmusch was fishing for.  That  things become authentic when we filter them honestly through us; perhaps that is the function of an artist.  Your thoughts?

the paintings

Feb 2012

The rate of time- unbelievable. Home sick today so finally a moment for reflection and I turn to do it here.  It seems horrible that one needs to be home sick for one moment of reflection- the over living of every moment creates the foundation of inflation.  So I got nothing done, the long list of the stuff one should do on a weekly basis lingers but I painted.  --and I read this: Nothing is original